Capita Scaling Partner

We partner with start-ups to help them scale, providing them with strategic access to our network of clients, suppliers, investors and subject matter experts to secure long term sustainable growth.
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Turbo-charging growth for start-up and scale-up businesses

With more than 30 years of experience under our belt, Capita knows how to work effectively at scale and has relationships with some of the largest blue-chip organisations and government departments in the UK. Capita Scaling Partner uses this weight to support start-ups to grow, giving them access to Capita’s client base, supplier base, sales expertise and commercial knowhow.

We can help start-ups in a number of ways, from initiating conversations with the right, targeted decision-makers, to supporting with sales decks, sales pitches, business case writing and pricing models.

And our clients benefit too, as we can give them access to the best in targeted innovation. They can engage with our partner start-ups safe in the knowledge they have been through a competitive selection process and have the support of Capita every step of the journey.

One of our core values is alignment with founders, shareholders and management. That’s why we are only remunerated through a minority equity stake, making us an extension of the start-ups' own team, and ensuring the start-ups feel part of a supportive partnership.

Our 9,000


mean that our start-up partners have access to a whole new network - and we've secured 150 customer meetings across 5 countries in 12 months.

Our 8,000


 mean that we can provide discounted rates and new sales opportunities for our start-up partners.


See how it works 

We sit side by side with our start-up partners to drive sales, enabling them to retain their own brand, culture and agility, while maximising the value of a corporate partnership.

Watch the video with our colleagues and co-founders of Capita Scaling Partner, Matt Bunn and John Downes. 

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If you want to know more about Capita Scaling Partner, please contact John or Matt below:

Matt Bunn
Partner and co-founder of Capita Scaling Partner

John Downes
Partner and co-founder of Capita Scaling Partner