Employee using laptop at home

Insurance and pensions

Rolling back the cost of equalisation

Aerial view of residential properties

Local government

The risk and opportunities for plan makers in the new normal

British Army - marching


Building on success for the future of military recruitment

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Collaborating with local government to create better outcomes for citizens

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How the innovation game has changed

Mother and child looking at tablet device

Customer experience

Five ways for insurers to support customers during the pandemic

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Podcast: What will be the impact of technology on public services post Covid-19?

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Providing opportunities for young people with The Youth Group

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Creating better outcomes for young people with Jack Parsons

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Customer experience

The human factor: the key to future organisational success

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How businesses can reorganise for an unpredictable world

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Human resources

Balancing short term skills and long term capabilities

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Augmented reality

Getting ‘phygital’ with intelligent technology

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Human resources

Back to work and running in the new normal

Lone person in office


After the storm – preparing for the future

Conference call


Finding opportunity in adversity – remotely

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People and culture

Why borrowed resource is the secret source for agile talent

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Customer experience

Using technology, data and insight to create a new customer experience across local government

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Artificial intelligence

AI isn't replacing, it is transforming: AI and automation in a post-Covid world

Gavel and judge writing

Central government

Tomorrow’s organisations: The future of justice

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Internet of things

Be smart – the future of social distancing

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What exponential disruption can teach us about transformation

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A digital government for a digital society

Blue computer cables

Cyber security

How the telephone network laid the foundation for the Internet of Things

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Education post-pandemic - an opportunity to do things differently

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Human resources

Re-board, re-integrate, or both?

Moving train

Internet of things

IoT-enabled predictive maintenance in rail

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