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Healthcare systems globally are facing the challenges of an ageing population, additional costs of advances in clinical care, and a shortage of resources. Added to this, the UK's NHS is finding it needs to adapt or replace old and inefficient technology and buildings.

To meet these challenges, health services need to develop much more integrated approaches to care, increase the focus on prevention and early intervention, and make much greater use of digital solutions.

Capita supports the care of more than 320 million people worldwide, every day, with our wide range of healthcare solutions.

We’re delivering everything from healthcare software that boosts efficiency across the NHS and assists HR departments, to wireless infrastructure for the Scottish emergency services, and clinical algorithms for a telephone triage system in Australia.

Saving lives with live streaming

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We're helping the US emergency services to save lives by giving them a clear view of any accident scene, no matter where they’re located, with the innovative 911eye.

How do emergency services assess a situation when they’re miles away from the scene? The usefulness of calls to 911 is limited by what the caller can describe. If they’re unable to explain the situation, responders can’t tell how serious the incident is, or allocate resources proportionately.

Crisis response is better when emergency services have a clearer picture of the situation. This insight helped us develop a breakthrough piece of technology, which allows 911 callers in America to create their own emergency live streams.

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Dr Charles Young

Dr Charles Young

Senior Medical Officer, Capita

Trained in medicine in London and continues to practice as an emergency physician for one day each week at St Thomas’ hospital, London. For the last 16 years, he has spent the majority of his time in a range of editorial, evidence-based medicine, clinical decision support and healthcare IT strategic leadership roles.

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