Now, more than ever, background checking and onboarding is a real business challenge

Especially for organisations that need to screen, equip and motivate new starters at scale, speed and with a degree of thoroughness that today’s stretched HR departments would be hard pressed to deliver.

At Capita, we already have an effective solution that meets these needs at a cost far lower than traditional, manual background checking and onboarding processes.

At its heart is a market-leading digital background checking and onboarding solution that delivers your new starters with a highly personalised experience, tailored to your company, the employee’s role and even their level of seniority.

Combating rising fraud levels, it also offers highly accurate and compliant background checking, keeping your business risk low. This is critical when your business needs to move at speed and your team is reduced – or working from home.

Metrics and insight drive focus, track progress and support improvements. Easy integrations with your recruitment and people tools can further streamline the process and speed up processing times.

Watch our video to see our new end-to-end digital onboarding tool in action and book a free demonstration to see how it can help deliver personalised and tailored experience to your new team members.


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A solution that works for employers and employees

Our solution provides your new employees with a modern, engaging experience, ensuring they remain motivated and are equipped with everything they need for success and productivity from day one.

Explore some of the benefits of our background checking and onboarding platform.

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See our solution in action

Watch our video to see how Onboard can ensure a supported, engaged workforce that’s ready for success from day one.

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Reinventing onboarding experience

Our panel discuss employee experience and how organisations must flex to the demands of a unified yet multi-dimensional distributed workforce.

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